Visual Thesaurus

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The Visual Thesaurus is an award winning educational resource that has been featured in the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the Chicago Tribune. The Visual Thesaurus was listed as one of PCMagazine’s Products of the Year in 2003.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine – The largest homeschool magazine

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine is the largest homeschool magazine in the United States. It is a 200 page high quality magazine that is a great resource for any educator. Home educators are impressed with the quality and relevancy of the magazine and are subscribing daily. Subscriptions range from $22 ($35 for Non-US subscribers) for a one year subscription to $39 ($69 for Non-US subscribers) for a two year subscription. Each quarter The Old Schoolhouse Magazine publishes a unique homeschool ebook with a purchase price of $12.95.

ABC Home Preschool

Confused about how to Homeschool your child Preschool? ABC Home now offers Online Courses for Parents on how to Homeschool your children Preschool!

ABC Home offer the Original Use and Reuse Wipe-Off ABC Home Preschool Workbooks. You will find a 9-month curriculum that can be started any time of the year (not just September). There is a workbook for 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds. In each workbook subjects include Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Crafts, Music and Physical Education. All 200 plus laminated page courses are included in these spiral bound workbooks.

The workbooks are made to be durable and nearly indestructible. Plus, when used with the included special marker the pages can be wiped off with a wet cloth and used again and again.

ClickN’ READ Phonics

Learning to read is a milestone in every child’s education. Most children begin to read at six or seven years of age, but for some children who have trouble grasping the alphabet, phonetics, and the letter and word decoding required for reading success, a new Internet program can help.
ClickN’ KIDS, Inc, an Agoura Hills, CA based firm that develops online educational software, has introduced ClickN’ READ Phonics. ClickN’ READ Phonics contains 100 precisely sequenced, research based lessons designed by nationally recognized research professor Dr. J. Ron Nelson. The result is a beginning reading program that is beyond compare and has redefined computer based instruction. It is the first of it’s kind to simulate live instruction. Each lesson is taught by ClickN’ KID, a goofy and lovable “Dog of the future.” ClickN’ KID helps children gently through a learning journey of systematic lessons set in colorful, futuristic classrooms. Each lesson contains four engaging learning environments that progressively teach alphabetic understanding, phonemic awareness, decoding, and word recognition.
The program is designed for children as young as 4 years old and teaches the complete K-3rd grade phonics curriculum taught at USA public schools. The lead-model- test system allows children to use the lessons on their own with little or no parent or teacher guidance. Children who are learning to read English for the first time, those who are struggling with reading and children with learning disabilities should use the program. Adults who are learning English as a second language are even using the program.
Everything needed is built into the program. It is the only product needed to learn to read English. Lessons run 15 to 30 minutes. Each lesson systematically builds on the previous one and prepares the child for the next lesson. The program’s uncomplicated interface makes it easy to use for nearly any age. Control panel screens allow easy set up and access to progress reports and many other features . The graphics and short animated segments are vibrant, but without unnecessary bells and whistles keeping children focused on the lessons.

The program is used online just like viewing standard web pages. It can be used at home, at Grandma’s, at the office or while on vacation. There are no out-of-date CD ROM’s, broken videos, lost flash cards or other cost and time-intensive obstructions to interfere with quality and consistent instruction. There is no setup, training or program software to install and no waiting for shipping. You can begin using ClickN’ READ Phonics immediately after ordering.

ClickN’ READ Phonics represents the best in curriculum, the best in computer technology and the best in program design for ease of use. And best of all, kids love it! All other phonics products and programs are simply toys when compared to ClickN’ READ Phonics. For homes, the cost is only $59.85 for a LIFETIME subscription for one child and just $19.95 for each additional child. All subscriptions come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Don’t put your child’s future on hold. Try ClickN’ READ Phonics in your Home Today!

MLS Easy Immersion Language Learning

MLS Easy Immersion Language Learning

The MLS Easy Immersion™ language learning program offers consumers a unique combination of learning technology features at an affordable price. There are three primary reasons the course is exceptionally effective:

1. Technology: The course features a talking dictionary with native speakers and on-demand vocabulary definitions. The system also integrates a voice recognition module to compare the learner’s pronunciation with that of a pre-recorded native speaker. Auto-learn progress tracking and monitoring adjusts the delivery and sequence of the learning content according to the individual progress of each learner.

2. Multi-media: The Lab Series version of the course integrates the MLS Easy Immersion software with an Audio CD and a booklet of stories, grammar and vocabulary. The audio CD provides the learner with the ability to reinforce the lessons while away from the computer. The stories/grammar book provides an easy access reference and practice tool.

3. Comprehensive Content: The course provides enough content to achieve significant repetition in regard to presenting a learning pedagogy that recognizes the the natural number of times the human mind must engage information in order to process the collective subject matter to long term memory.


Algebrator solves your math homework step-by-step! - Free Demo

Softmath are makers of a math education software “Algebrator” – a program used by hundreds of schools and over 30,000 users since 1995. Algebrator is a unique software because it provides step-by-step explanations to any algebra problem that user enters; many students are in a desparate need for such a software, and there is no equivalent alternative.