GuitarJamz offer a huge selection of easy to learn guitar lessons from legendary master teacher Marty Schwartz

Get free blues guitar lessons

GuitarJamz has a huge selection of easy to learn guitar lessons from legendary master teacher Marty Schwartz. Anyone interested in learning to play the guitar has likely viewed some of Marty’s lessons on YouTube, as have hundreds of thousands of other viewers.

GuitarJamz makes it super easy for you, who wants to play the guitar, get started with DVDs or the GuitarJamz Members Only Club. You can purchase individual lessons or join the new Members Only Club where you can view over 600 available lessons. GuitarJamz offers a precise game plan that takes you from simple rhythm & strumming to blazing guitar solos. Click here for details


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Changes For Women – an all-natural alternative to hormone therapy to help women relieve menopause symptoms including: Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Mood Swings and Insomnia.

An all-natural and non-addictive alternative in the treatment of insomnia. SleepingEasy helps to restore and regulate sleep giving you more natural energy.

a comprehensive weight loss system that allows customers to control their appetite and cravings and makes it easy to follow a sensible eating plan.

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5000 Seconds

5000 Seconds

5000 Seconds is everyone’s chance to be part of a feature film. For $10, people get to submit their original videos, photos and even music for possible inclusion in the film.

Anyone who submits is paying for the screening process but also gets a free (downloadable) copy of the movie, gets listed as a co-producer and gets to help make production decisions. Anyone who’s chosen will get paid and will also have the chance at winning cash and prizes. Finally, 5000 Seconds have some star power attached to the project, including Paul Shaffer (from David Letterman) and Hollywood editor Erik C. Andersen (Madonna: Truth or Dare, TV’s Las Vegas, Speed 2, Four Rooms etc…) For more information, go to

Music Biz on a Disc

Music Biz on a Disc provides professional guidance in the music business for singers, songwriters, musicians, arrangers, groups, bands, producers, managers, publishers, production companies, record compaines.


  • “The Music Biz Book” [“How to Get in, Survive & Succeed – Without Getting Ripped Off!”]
  • Artist Development & Management Course
  • Music Publishing Course
  • Record Producing Course
  • Music Business Law Basics Mini Course

Journey Pass (Global Travel International) – The exclusive travel and savings club

Journey Pass™ is an exclusive travel and savings club. Backed by Global Travel International, one of the largest travel agencies in the world, Journey Pass uses the buying clout of its entire membership to negotiate the best price available for each individual member.

Club Members enjoy huge savings on the following:
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# Prescriptions and much more.

AstroText! LLC

AstroText! LLC

MyAstroText has the latest and greatest astrology technology available. Our “spot on” astrology reporting and daily mobile text messaging services are causing a huge stir in the industry.

Mountain View Movies

Wholesale DVDs and Video Games

Mountain View Movies is an online DVD & Video Game wholesaler located in the Catskill mountains of NY State. Mountain View Movies offer high quality wholesale stock at unbeatable prices. Over 1,500 different titles in stock and all items are brand new, retail sealed & official NTSC region 1.