Huddle – The leading web 2.0 collaboration tool  - Online Collaboration Tools, Project Management Tools, Document Sharing & Storage

Huddle is the leading web 2.0 collaboration tool. With Huddle you can manage projects, upload and share documents and files with anyone anywhere. Huddle is entirely web based so there’s nothing to download or install. Huddle is Growing! Huddle is adding new users at a rate of 40%+ per month!

Huddle’s base product is completely free, sign up is quick and simple. (No billing details) In addition to Huddle’s free service, there are 3 types of premium accounts. With Huddle you can earn a one time commission ranging from $14 to $70 for an account signup.

How can I use Huddle?

  • Give your email a rest – Have you ever tried emailing large files? Upload and share large files and documents.
  • Instant access – Don’t have your computer with you? No problem, access your info anywhere there is an internet connection.
  • Online editing – Create and edit Word and Excel files even if the computer you’re using doesn’t have those programs installed.
  • Online discussions – Banish email threads and the “Reply All”. Use private discussion forums to manage team communications in one place.
  • Hard Drives Crash! – Don’t lose your work, with Huddle you get 1GB of free storage. Don’t lose your work, back it up on Huddle.