MLS Easy Immersion Language Learning

MLS Easy Immersion Language Learning

The MLS Easy Immersion™ language learning program offers consumers a unique combination of learning technology features at an affordable price. There are three primary reasons the course is exceptionally effective:

1. Technology: The course features a talking dictionary with native speakers and on-demand vocabulary definitions. The system also integrates a voice recognition module to compare the learner’s pronunciation with that of a pre-recorded native speaker. Auto-learn progress tracking and monitoring adjusts the delivery and sequence of the learning content according to the individual progress of each learner.

2. Multi-media: The Lab Series version of the course integrates the MLS Easy Immersion software with an Audio CD and a booklet of stories, grammar and vocabulary. The audio CD provides the learner with the ability to reinforce the lessons while away from the computer. The stories/grammar book provides an easy access reference and practice tool.

3. Comprehensive Content: The course provides enough content to achieve significant repetition in regard to presenting a learning pedagogy that recognizes the the natural number of times the human mind must engage information in order to process the collective subject matter to long term memory.

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