Nuphonics – Empowering People Through Music and Sound.

Nuphonics is a leading provider of scientifically designed and clinically tested music and sound products that naturally and safely help people of all ages function more effectively in their lives. Powerfully effective, their products are guaranteed to help listeners make improvements to their health, performance, and learning.

Nuphonics products have been recommended and used by professionals such as physicians, psychologists, and athletes in addition to many thousands of individual users throughout the world. Unlike traditional music CD’s that are used primarily for entertainment, Nuphonics products naturally help shift brainwave activity and physical levels of functioning that enables the listener to more deliberately achieve their goals and objectives. This process is known as entrainment and involves the syncing up of the mind, emotions, and physiology with the patterning of the music. Specific products help listeners achieve deep and healthy levels of sleep, manage aspects of ADHD, reduce anxiety, release stress, enhance performance, and improve learning. Their products combine beautifully arranged ambient music with specially designed frequencies, rhythmic patterns, and arrangements to shift brainwave patterns and physiology into desired states for the listener.

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