5000 Seconds

5000 Seconds

5000 Seconds is everyone’s chance to be part of a feature film. For $10, people get to submit their original videos, photos and even music for possible inclusion in the film.

Anyone who submits is paying for the screening process but also gets a free (downloadable) copy of the movie, gets listed as a co-producer and gets to help make production decisions. Anyone who’s chosen will get paid and will also have the chance at winning cash and prizes. Finally, 5000 Seconds have some star power attached to the project, including Paul Shaffer (from David Letterman) and Hollywood editor Erik C. Andersen (Madonna: Truth or Dare, TV’s Las Vegas, Speed 2, Four Rooms etc…) For more information, go to www.5000seconds.com

ABC Home Preschool

Confused about how to Homeschool your child Preschool? ABC Home Preschool.com now offers Online Courses for Parents on how to Homeschool your children Preschool!

ABC Home Preschool.com offer the Original Use and Reuse Wipe-Off ABC Home Preschool Workbooks. You will find a 9-month curriculum that can be started any time of the year (not just September). There is a workbook for 2 year olds, 3 year olds and 4 year olds. In each workbook subjects include Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Crafts, Music and Physical Education. All 200 plus laminated page courses are included in these spiral bound workbooks.

The workbooks are made to be durable and nearly indestructible. Plus, when used with the included special marker the pages can be wiped off with a wet cloth and used again and again.